Axis Bank Design Hack

Design Challenge

Can you change the face of Internet banking? Design the path-breaking user interface for Axis Bank digital platforms. Reimagine the future of user experience on Axis Bank's web and mobile channels.

Facts and Stats

Harvard Business School predict that based on past statistics

"Only 8% of the banks around today will still be there in 10 years"

According to Facebook and the Boston Consulting Group(BCG)

"The number of users opting for online banking is expected to double to reach 150 million mark by 2020, from the current 45 million active urban online banking users in India".


According to the 2017 Oracle J.D.Power India 'Retail Banking Study'.

"51% of Indians use online banking channels but over 90% Indian customers still prefer branch over online Banking"

Adoption of Mature activities set to increase

Source: BCG CCI Digital Influence Study 2013, 2016 (N=18000 in each year), BCG analysis.

Problem Statement

A simple, intuitive and self learning banking system giving the most relevant information and offers to the users based on types of transaction/usage.

Landing Page

Spending Summary

Customised Offer Page

Offers based on the spending patterns of the user

To add new modules

Users need to click on the "+"  symbol to add a new module to the dashboard

Smart Assistance

If the user is inactive for a long time

To delete new module

Users need to drag the module and drop to the delete symbol to remove that module

Mobile Screens

Splash Screen

Login Screen

Login with touch ID

Introducing your personal assistant Axela

Accessed by double press on power button to access from anywhere. Can also be accessed form within app also.

Authenticate through touch ID or PIN

Chat with Axela in casual way.

Axela chats in a very human way and will give instant results and crisp information by processing your message.

Dashboard in easy scrollable card layout.

Click to access detailed information

Spending Summary Card

Understanding the Pain Point

We analysed all the existing Dash Boards and noted down all the issues faced by the users 

User Persona
User Journey For Fund Transfer
Design Iterations 

Initial Mockup

Final Mockup

Thank you!