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About the Project

The focus of this project was to look at improving the user experience in the wayfinding in Google Maps. The research pointed out that often more times than not users are unaware of whether the shortest route they are taking to their destination is the safest route.


Safety indicator is a feature added to Google Maps. Safety Indicator indicates the safest route along the fastest route the user can take to reach his destination. The user can also choose to notify him before entering and after crossing the unsafe area indicated by safety indicator.

Safety Indicator turned off

Turning the Safety indicator ON will map all unsafe zone on the Map.
A Saftey Indicator ON popup will appear for 2 secs as a feedback. 

The Map will indicate both shortest and the safest route a user can take during his journey.

Tapping on these zones will display the information about the area.The user can choose the option to notify him before he enters this area by using "Notify Me" button

Notify me will send an Alert Notification few meters before entering the specific area.

Alert Notification

Safety Indicator turned off

Safety Indicator turned off

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Data from


The secondary research was done to understand the pain point. Citizens raised issues of transit and suggested how to improve them from their perspective. 

Do you use Google Maps?



When did they felt uncomfortable?

Area felt unsafe

Felling that the road is leading nowhere


Have you ever felt scared or uncomfortable while taking an unknown route to a specific destination?



What do they do to avoid this situation?

Try to get information about the route

Use App like Waze


Do you think by providing information about the area and also showing the safest route will be helpful? 



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