Baahubali: The Game


Baahubali: The Game is a mobile RTS game inspired by the movie ‘Baahubali’ and developed by Moonfrog Labs. Players build bases and raid enemy bases for loot. Loot involves gold and food, which can be used to further upgrade the players’ base. The central headquarters building of the player is called the ‘Palace’. The game play offers modes such as PvP, multiplayer PvP (alliance wars) and PvE single player campaign.

About the Project

My major contribution was aimed at improving the on boarding experience for the players. The goal was to improve Day 1 retention by redesigning the First Time User Experience and the User Journey. During the course of the project , I identified the opportunity areas for improvement through user research & data analysis. Then I came up with a new First Time User Experience for the player for a better onboarding experience to improve the overall retention.


The game is live and please check out the link here


Data collection

Data provided by our Data Analysis Team

Competitor Analysis

User Research



Due to the confidential nature of this project and an NDA with Moonfrog Labs, the images are blurred out. I would not be able to share any further details on this platform. We could, however, discuss the same offline.

Thank You!