Researchers at Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) are developing the Steady State Superconducting Tokamak (SST-1) to conduct various experiments on plasma matter. In order to perform maintenance operations for the tokamak, the machine has to be brought to a state where it can be operated on by personnel safely. This involves shutting down the entire machine for it to cool to a manageable temperature, breaking the vacuum of the plasma chamber and (sometimes) waiting for radiation to reduce. This lengthy procedure is followed by an equally time-consuming process to bring it back into an operating state. Remote operations for maintenance will reduce the maintenance delays, and allow for longer experiments.

About the Project

A robotic arm is being designed for performing such remote maintenance operations for SST. We have developed a gaming simulation in order to aid the designers in eliciting requirements for their design, as well as helping train operators to perform maintenance operations. We have done this using an immersive virtual environment completely modelled after the SST. Equipment and processes in hazardous and highly specialised environments, which require human input, can be designed, developed and tested using such immersive gaming simulations.

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Institute of Plasma Research

Intended Audience

Operators of Tokomak


Virtual Simulation Game

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My Role and Duration

Developer - 8 weeks Project

Due to the confidential nature of this project and an NDA with Fields of View, I would not be able to share any further details on this platform. We could however discuss the same offline.

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